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Alberto Fujimori Fujimori (1990-2000)

Fujimori was born on July 28, 1938 (the day of the National Holiday in Peru). In 1990, an unknown agronomist engineer, descendant of a modest Japanese family, Alberto Fujimori Fujimori, beat the writer Mario Vargas Llosa on Presidential Elections. During his 10 years of government, he changed the face of Peru. In 1992, he dissolved the National Parliament, reorganized the judicial power, captured the leaders of the biggest terrorist groups in Peru: Abimael Guzmán and Víctor Polay Campos. He was reelected in 1995 with 64% of votes.

In December 1996, a terrorist group took the residence of the ambassador of Japan and took hundreds of Peruvian and foreign personalities hostage. After long moths, hostages were delivered during a liberation operation realized successfully, where all the terrorists died. So he confronted successfully the worst crisis of the century. At the end of the decade, Fujimori signed the definitive peace with Ecuador and Chile. He finished his second mandate and stood for elections in 2000-2005. This generated a debate in Congress, regarding an interpretation of the Constitution about a second reelection. On April 8, 2000, during a very controversial first round, nationally and internationally, he got 49.79% against Alejandro Toledo with 40.39%. Toledo demanded the postponement of the elections but the Elections National Court rejected it. Because of this Toledo retired his candidature and Fujimori participated on the second tour without opponent.

Because of a famous video which revealed corruption acts and facing large demonstrations, Fujimori went into exile to Japan, from where he resigned. He has established his residence there. Five years later, during a trip to Chile, the former president is arrested and extradited to Peru in 2007 where he faced several trials for human rights violation and corruption. In 2009 he is found guilty and convicted to 25 years of prison. He is currently in prison and faces some health problems.