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Peruvian courses

Ají de gallina: Chicken with spiced sauce
Anticuchos: Beef heart brochettes
Cangrejo relleno: Crab stuffed  with seafood
Ceviche: Fish marinated with lemon juice, onions, pepper and corn
Chicha: Alcoholic beverage made of corn and honey
Chicha morada: non alcoholic beverage  made of violet corn, lemon juice and sugar
Chicharrón: Fried pork
Choros a la chalaca: Big mussels with onions, lemon and corn
Chupe: Fish soup with water or milk, white cheese, eggs, legumes and potatoes
Churro: Big fried croissant stuffed with condensed milk
Corvina chorillana: Fried fish with tomatoes, onions, pepper, rice and corn
Chupe de camarones: Shrimp soup with milk, eggs, potatoes, etc.
Feijoada: National Brazilian meal
Lomo saltado: Diced sauté tenderloin with onions and tomatoes, with French fries
Mazamora: Dessert made of corn flour, corn syrup and diced fruit
Mazamorra morada: Dessert made of corn flour, violet corn syrup and diced fruit
Ocopa: Boiled potatoes with a hot pepper and cheese sauce
Papa a la huancaina: Boiled potatoes with a yellow hot pepper and white cheese sauce
Papa rellena: Stuffed potatoes
Parihuela: Fish soup (bouillabaisse)
Picarones: Flour and sweet potatoes fritter with honey
Pisco sour: National drink made of Pisco, syrup, lemon juice, Angostura, egg white, cinnamon and ice
Puchero: See Sancochado
Ranfañote: Dessert made with bread, nuts and candied fruits, brown sugar
Sancochado: Stew with beef, mutton, pork, chicken, pig's trotter, sausages, blood pudding, sweet potatoes, manioc, cabbage, corn, bananas, chickpeas, etc.
Seco de cordero:
Mutton stew with coriander leaves sauce
Suspiro de limeña: Cooked condensed sweet milk with port and  meringue
Tamales: Spiced dish with a corn pastry stuffed with peppers, raisins, chicken, pork, etc., wrapped in corn or banana leaves and boiled
Tejas: Glazed fruits with nuts, lemon, fig, etc.