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The area of Lambayeque was the native site of important pre-Hispanic cultures like the Mochica and the Chimú. The Naylamp legend, which began in the pre-Hispanic time, tells that along time ago the legendary Naylamp surrounded by his court arrived to the coast, he landed near the Faquisllanga river and settled down, making build the Chot temple, where he put the Yampallec idol, word form Mochica origin, where came the name Lambayeque.

The Chot temple is the actual huaca Chotuna located near the place known as Lambayeque Viejo, the Old Lambayeque.

The legend says that Naylamp is buried there so that the people continue to believe in his existence and his divine power. We find his representations in the famous tumis and ceremonial knifes. Later on was developed the Lambayeque culture, famous for its excellent goldsmith's art.