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FAQ - Health

Is it necessary to get a vaccine against yellow fever?

Vaccine is advisable and mandatory only if you stay more than 2 weeks in the Amazon. For shorter periods and the rest of the country it is not necessary.

What are the risks in high altitude?

Some places in Peru are at very high altitudes and some of them are the highest in the world (navigable lake, railroad, populated areas). Many tourist places are high (Arequipa, Titicaca, Cusco, etc.) and it is necessary to take a few precautions (see also recommendations about health and comfort). In brief, mountain sickness (soroche) can touch anybody, no matter the physical condition or age. The first half-day in altitude (3000 metres and more), eat light and sweet, rest from time to time, particularly during digestion. Do not smoke too much if you are smoker. Drink infusions of sheets of coca (Coca tea) well sweetened and possibly take a preventive treatment containing coca (Coca 9CH for example).

The Coca tea is an infusion available everywhere, even in supermarkets, sold in teabags (as the tea you know). Every restaurant and bar proposes it; even hotels offer it for free and unlimited. It is without side effects and it often works. Drink it several times a day, especially first days.

In fact, it is impossible to know in advance the effects on an individual. A great sportsman in full shape might not tolerate altitude, an older person older in no shape maybe will…