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These pages are a selection of 266 Peruvian artists. You can listen a sample of every song and, if you wish, you can download it from iTunes. We hope that our selection will make you discover and appreciate the richness of Peruvian music. Have a nice listening.

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Lucha Reyes
Release date: Oct. 04, 2013
RCA Records Label
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    Name Artist Time Price  
1Mujer LadinaLucha Reyes3:22album only  
2Tú DirásLucha Reyes2:58album only  
3CuquitaLucha Reyes2:52album only  
4El ValienteLucha Reyes3:33album only  
5El TecoloteLucha Reyes2:07album only  
6La TequileraLucha Reyes2:47album only  
7La PanchitaLucha Reyes3:07album only  
8Pobre ChanguitaLucha Reyes2:46album only  
9Torito RetintoLucha Reyes3:10album only  
10El CastigadorLucha Reyes2:50album only  
1Canción MexicanaLucha Reyes2:41album only  
2Que Lindo Es GuanajuatoLucha Reyes3:07album only  
3Tu ChinampaLucha Reyes3:02album only  
4Éntrale en AyunasLucha Reyes2:47album only  
5CamineroLucha Reyes3:25album only  
6El HerraderoLucha Reyes3:31album only  
7Yo Me Muero Donde QueraLucha Reyes3:09album only  
8La MensaLucha Reyes2:59album only  
9MañanitaLucha Reyes3:12album only  
10El JuanLucha Reyes2:45album only  
1Ay Jalisco, No Te RajesLucha Reyes3:41album only  
2El Corrido de ChihuahuaLucha Reyes3:33album only  
3TlaquepaqueLucha Reyes3:23album only  
4Caminito de ContrerasLucha Reyes3:20album only  
5Juan ColoradoLucha Reyes2:23album only  
6Los TarzanesLucha Reyes2:46album only  
7Así Semos en JaliscoLucha Reyes3:13album only  
8Ay Mamita!Lucha Reyes2:36album only  
9Ya NoLucha Reyes3:21album only  
10Por un AmorLucha Reyes3:35album only  
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