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If a Peruvian tells you in Spanish "┐Quieres casarte conmigo?" or in Quechua "Casaracuita munanquichu nogahuan?", it is not insulting, just the opposite. For the susceptible ones and, in general, to learn or revise a language, this pages are for you.

NB: Pages are presented by letter of the alphabet of the source language, or, in the case of Quechua or Ayamara, by phoneme because it is important to remember that these two dialects are only spoken dialects. This complicates of course the usage of such dictionary. For example, tomorrow could be "written" in Quechua aya or kjaya.

PS: ┐Quieres casarte conmigo? or Casaracuita munanquichu nogahuan? mean

Would you marry me?

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