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These pages are a selection of 262 Peruvian artists. You can listen a sample of every song and, if you wish, you can download it from iTunes. We hope that our selection will make you discover and appreciate the richness of Peruvian music. Have a nice listening.

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Musics from: Ayacucho
    Name Artist Album Time Ranking Price  
1Carnaval de AyacuchoJanio Cuadros RoldanPeru Raymi3:59
US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
2Adios Pueblo de AyacuchoJanio Cuadros RoldanPeru Raymi4:20
US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
3Adios Pueblo de AyacuchoTankar PeruThe Andean Music: Panpipes - Instrumental Vol. 13:08
US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
4Ayacuchana Linda CoquetaMax CastroBuscando un Sueño4:18
US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
5Adiós Pueblo de AyacuchoThe Strings Of The IncasSerie Maravillas: Cuerdas & Vientos Sagrados, Vol....2:59US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy