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These pages are a selection of 262 Peruvian artists. You can listen a sample of every song and, if you wish, you can download it from iTunes. We hope that our selection will make you discover and appreciate the richness of Peruvian music. Have a nice listening.

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Quenas de Cuzco
Release date: Jul. 01, 2007
Tam-Tam Media
US$ 19.99
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    Name Artist Time Price  
11496 la Conquista del ParaísoQuenas de Cuzco3:22US$ 0.99 Buy
2Bailando Con LobosQuenas de Cuzco4:02US$ 0.99 Buy
3Unchained MelodyQuenas de Cuzco3:02US$ 0.99 Buy
4Gabriel's Oboe de "La Misión"Quenas de Cuzco3:18US$ 0.99 Buy
5El Cóndor PasaQuenas de Cuzco3:05US$ 0.99 Buy
6Twin PeaksQuenas de Cuzco3:13US$ 0.99 Buy
7Don't Cry for Me ArgentinaQuenas de Cuzco2:44US$ 0.99 Buy
8Out of AfricaQuenas de Cuzco2:15US$ 0.99 Buy
9My Heart Will Go OnQuenas de Cuzco4:28US$ 0.99 Buy
10Oficial y CaballeroQuenas de Cuzco3:29US$ 0.99 Buy
11El Último MohicanoQuenas de Cuzco3:30US$ 0.99 Buy
12FeelingsQuenas de Cuzco3:16US$ 0.99 Buy
1Vaya Con DiosQuenas de Cuzco4:52US$ 0.99 Buy
2Romance Anónimo (Juegos Prohibidos)Quenas de Cuzco2:16US$ 0.99 Buy
3Canción de AnnieQuenas de Cuzco3:40US$ 0.99 Buy
4Dulce melodíaQuenas de Cuzco2:02US$ 0.99 Buy
5My WayQuenas de Cuzco3:15US$ 0.99 Buy
6YesterdayQuenas de Cuzco4:42US$ 0.99 Buy
7Concierto de AranjuezQuenas de Cuzco3:00US$ 0.99 Buy
8BarcarolaQuenas de Cuzco3:08US$ 0.99 Buy
9Concierto Nº 1Quenas de Cuzco4:50US$ 0.99 Buy
10La rosaQuenas de Cuzco5:25US$ 0.99 Buy
11Let It BeQuenas de Cuzco2:39US$ 0.99 Buy
12Un veranoQuenas de Cuzco3:07US$ 0.99 Buy