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Peru chronology

Peru chronology
10000 BC The man of Paiján (Chicama Valley)
9000 BC Cave paintings of Toquepala
9000 BC The man of Guitarrero (Ancash)
7000 BC The man of Telamarchay
6500 BC Burial of Lauricocha (Huánuco)
6000 BC Beginning of corn cultivation
2500 BC Ancón
2000 BC Crossed Hands Temple (Kotosh)
1800 BC Beginning of the pottery
1500 BC Ceremonial center of Sechín (Casma Valley)
1000 BC Beginning of the early period
Chavin Culture
900 BC Cupisnique Culture
500 BC Paracas Culture (Caves)
450 BC Paracas Culture (Necropolis)
390 BC Vicus Culture (Piura)
Salinar Culture (Chicama)
200 BC Nazca Culture (Ica)
100 BC Viru Culture or Gallinazo
100 AC Beginnings of the Mochica Culture
200 Lima Culture
250 Tiahuanaco Culture
400 Mochica Culture
550 Late period of the Nazca Culture
650 Beginnings of the Huari Culture
750 Peak of the second period (Huari)
1000 Lambayeque Culture
1200 Chimú Culture
1250 Chancay Culture
Chincha Culture
1350 Chachapoyas, Yarowilca and Cajamarca Cultures
1480 Construction of Sacsayhuamán
1492 Huayna Cápac kingdom
1515 Expansion of Tahuantinsuyo
1528 Death of Huayna Cápac
1532 Pizarro captures the Inca Atahualpa in Cajamarca
1535 Foundation of Lima
1536 Rebellion of Manco Inca
1538 Death of Almagro in the battle of Salinas
1541 Assasination of Francisco Pizarro
1542 Creation of the Peruvian Vice-kingdom by the New Laws
1544 Arrival of the first vice-king Blasco Núñez de Vela
1551 Foundation of the University of San Marcos
1569 Arrival of the Vice-king Francisco de Toledo
1570 Installation of the Inquisition Court
1572 Birth of San Martín de Porras
Túpac Amaru I is excecuted by Toledo
1581 Santo Toribio de Mongrovejo arrives as Archbishop of Lima
1587 Birth of Santa Rosa de Lima
1609 Publication of the Royal Comments of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
1613 Creation of the Consulate Court of Lima
1620 Foundation in Lima of the Prince's College for noble indians
1630 Earthquake in Lima
1639 Death of San Martín de Porras
1668 Rebellion of the miners in Layacacota (Puno) suppressed by the Vice-king Conde de Lemos
1670 Saint Rose is canonized
1677 Foundation of the University San Crístobal in Huamanga
1692 Foundation of the University San Antonio Abad in Cuzco
1720 Cholera and typhus epidemic ravages mountain inhabitants in the South
1740 Definitive creation of the Vice-kingdom of New Grenade
1741 Birth ofJosé Gabriel Condorcanqui Túpac Amaru II
1743 Appearance of the Lima Gazette, first newspaper in Lima and South America
1766 The Vice-king Amat opens the Acho Arene
1776 Creation of the Vice-kingdom of Río de la Plata
1778 Promulgation of the Free-Trade Law
1780 Beginning of the Rebellion of Túpac Amaru II
1787 Creation of the Hearings in Cuzco
1790 Appearance of the Lima's Journal
1791 Appearance of the Peruvian Mercurio
1812 Rebellion of indians in Huánuco
1813 Rebellion of Paillardelle in Tacna
1821 Indenpendence Proclamation by San Martín in Lima
1823 Promulgation of the First Constitution
1824 Battles of Junín and Ayacucho
1829 First government of Gamarra
1839 Creation of the newspaper El Comercio
1841 Battle of Ingavi
1845 Beginning of the first government of Ramón Castilla
1851 José R. Echenique takes the presidency
1855 Second government of Castilla
1866 Combat of May the Second
1871 Foundation of the Civilian Party
1872 Manuel Pardo, first civilian president
1876 Mariano Ignacio Prado takes the presidency
1879 The Pacifique War begins
1880 Battle of Arica
1881 Occupation of Lima by Chile
1884 Departure of Chilian troops
1886 First government of Cáceres
1889 Signature of the Grace contract
1894 Second government of Cáceres
1895 Civil war, departure of Cáceres
1899 Government of López de Romaña
1904 Government of José Pardo y B.
1906 Ttramway circulates in Lima
1908 First government of Augusto B. Leguía
1912 Government of Guillermo Billinghurst
1914 Coup d'état of Oscar R. Benavides to Billinghurst government
1915 Second government ofJose Pardo
1917 Foundation of the Catholic University
1919 Coup d'état of Augusto B. Leguia; beginning of the Oncenio (11 years of gov.)
1924 Creation of the APRA party in Mexico by Victor Haya de la Torre
First reelection of Leguía
1929 Second reelection of Leguía
1930 Departure of Leguía by a coup d'état of Sánchez Cerro
1931 Sánchez Cerro wins elections against Haya de la Torre
1933 Oscar R. Benavides takes presidency after Sánchez Cerro's assasination
1939 Presidency of Manuel Prado
1941 War against Ecuador
1942 Signature of the Rio de Janeiro Protocole
1945 Presidency of José Luis Bustamente y Rivero
1947 Declaration of the sovereignty on 200 nautical miles
1948 Coup d'état of general Manuel A. Odría
Beginning of the Ochenio (8 years of gouv.)
1956 Women's right to vote
Second government of Manuel Prado
1962 Coup d'état of the Military Junta
1963 Belaúnde Terry of the Popular Action Party wins presidential elections
1968 Coup d'état of general Juan Velasco and the Army
1969 Creation of the Land Reform Law
1970 An avalanche buries the town of Yungay
1974 Expropriation of important news papers
1975 Francisco Morales Bermúdez takes the presidency
1979 Promulgation of the Constitution of 1979
1980 Second government of Fernando Belaúnde
Beginnigs of the Shining Path terrorist group
1981 Conflict with Ecuador in the Condor Mountain chains
Javier Pérez de Cuellar is elected General Secretary of the UN
1985 First government of Alan García
Visite of Pope John Paul II
1986 Appearance of the MUC dollar
1987 Attempt to nationalize banks
1990 First government of Alberto Fujimori
1992 Auto coup d'état of Alberto Fujimori: dissolution of the Congress
Capture of the Shining Path leader, Abimael Guzmán
1993 Adoption of the new constitution by referendum
1995 Second government of Fujimori
Conflict with Ecuador in Tiwinza
1996 The MRTA takes hostage the Embassy of Japan
1998 Signature of a peace treaty with Ecuador in Brazil
2000 Second reelection of Fujimori
Crisis of the democracy, presidency is declared vacant by moral incapacity of Fujimori
Valentín Paniagua takes the presidency for an interim period
2001 Election of Alejandro Toledo
2006 Election of Alan Garcia